How to Restore Tufted Bench that Have Become Gray

Jun 15th

Tufted bench looks elegant with wood and upholstery. When it comes to gray, restoring its beauty can be applied to bring back your own comfort and satisfaction. Tufted bench is a natural choice for outdoor furniture and has an intrinsic resistance to putrefaction and decay. While untreated tufted banks can remain smooth exterior, with time, tend to become gray. Usually, this does not affect the durability of the bank, but some people prefer the golden tones of tufted cool to look worn gray tufted. Restoring a gray tufted bench is a simple process, but you can also consider a clear finish for wood if you want to avoid that recovers gray tones.

Lars Tufted Bench
Lars Tufted Bench


  1. Clean the tufted bench with a solution of water and detergent tibia, using a scrub brush. In the presence of mold in the bank, clean with a mild solution of bleach and water and a cloth. Then rinse with a hose and let it dry completely.
  2. Sand the tufted bench with an electric sander or do it manually. Sanding removes the gray surface of the bench and exposes the true color of the tufted underneath. Once filed, the bank can be left as is or you can apply a finish to prevent it from acquiring the gray tones.
  3. Apply a clear finish for wood in the bank if you want to protect from the weather and keep it looking new. Follow the application method recommended by the manufacturer.
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