Theatrical Strand Lighting

Aug 12th

Strand Lighting is a lighting company that produces a variety of products for the needs of entertainment lights in theatre, television, and film. You may have seen the sophisticated and magical effects produced by the lighting on the theater. Watching a live performance is a memorable experience for many people because they watched their favorite artists directly. It becomes more lively and captivating when combined with a great sound system and wonderful lighting. Right now I will talk about theatrical lighting that makes a theatrical performance more dramatic and entertaining.

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Lighting designers and lighting technicians are responsible for stage lighting. They must ensure the lighting goes well and enhance the performance arts. Strand Lighting is often chosen by those who work in theater because the products can perform the tasks very well. What is the function of stage lighting? It has to make the audience see clearly what is happening on stage (especially the character), directing the audience’s eyes in a particular direction, creating a mood that is in accordance with the scene, act as scenery, representing the location and time of day, and many more.

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Strand Lighting provides a wide range of theatrical lighting products for various needs. Acclaim Axial Mark II Zoomspot is high performance lighting for small and mid-size stage and studio, while Acclaim PC and Fresnel is more suited for school drama and small stage because they are safe and can be easily operated by students. If you need general long throw lighting applications, Arena PC and Fresnel will be great. Leko Lite produce superior light output and distribution, perfect for general-purpose stage light. Are you looking for energy efficient product? You will be happy to use Rama PC and Fresnel for your theatrical show. There are plenty of other theatrical lighting products from Strand Lighting that can be adjusted to your needs and location. If you have thoughts in regards to theatrical or entertainment lighting, share with us the comments section below.

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